Do you believe that it associates the appearance of the workstation or workplace to the personality of an individual? A study showed that a messy workstation signifies a smart worker. They believe that an individual is creative and resourceful when carrying out the task. In fact, many successful people have an unorganized working area.

Our parents taught us to keep our place clean and organized. Even during our childhood, our parents told us to keep the toys after playing, to clean the dining table and the utensils after a meal and keep everything in its proper places.

However, a study conducted by the researchers from the University of Minnesota is opposite to what we have learned. They found out that an unorganized workplace is a sign that a worker is creative and resourceful than those whose workstations are clean and organized. The researchers further explained that some people express their ideas when the workplace is messy.

If it does not pressure an individual to organize the workstation, it gives him or her the freedom to express ideas and do anything. A worker can produce fresh insights and to break from the conventional tradition of an orderly environment. Likewise, a worker can easily find solutions to problems and find alternatives.

Northwestern University agreed to the study of the University of Minnesota. According to the researchers organizing the workplace consumes energy. Most likely, keeping the workstation organized before starting to work can make the worker tired and consume the time. It can affect the focus of the worker towards work.

Some prominent individuals who became successful in their lives include Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and J. K. Rowling. These people work without maintaining the orderliness of their workplaces.

The study does not suggest that being orderly is a disadvantage. It also has its own benefits and may depend on the personality of an individual. Whether you want your workplace to be organized, you alone can decide on it as long as it makes you productive.


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